We collaborate on sports & entertainment projects globally, supporting creative ideas with technical expertise

chrisjopsonconsulting is a Chartered RIBA sports architecture practice based in the United Kingdom.
CJ-C was formed in 2012 following a decade at the forefront of the design and delivery of the London Olympic & Paralympic Games.
We have collaboratively developed the designs of numerous innovative stadia & arenas... 
...these include the 63,000 seat Feyenoord Stadium in the Netherlands and the 11,500 seat SAP Garden Arena in Munich. ​​​​​​​
We are currently designing Royal Equestrian & Polo clubs for hundreds of horses in the Middle East, including the Norlana Equestrian Estate at NEOM...​​​​​​​
...our team of veterinary surgeons put animal welfare at the heart of all of our equestrian projects.
So far, we have designed 5 Olympic Parks in 5 unique cities...​​​​​​​
...we established the overlay & operational foundations for the Dubai Expo 2020 masterplan.
We provide overlay design expertise to FIFA, Cricket & Rugby World Cups... ​​​​​​​
...we were the architects behind 3 successful bids for the Olympic & Paralympic, the Commonwealth & Asian Games.
RIBA Chartered Architect 
# 12330446
RIBA Chartered Practice 
# 20050923

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