The  Xili Sports and Cultural Centre is an experience centre for sports, well- being, leisure and culture that seeks to achieve profound connections between nature, sports and culture, thus serving wide-ranging age groups and interests.
MVRDV together with Zhubo Architecture Design won the architectural competition for the Xili Sports and Cultural centre, a project seeking to transform the lives of the different generations of people living nearby, through offering a more humanistic model for sports and culture. 
This new 105,000m2 centre consists of a 20,000m2 theatre-amphitheatre, 15,000m2 Basketball-Badminton arena, 10,000m2 multifunctional arena and 6,000m2 swimming pool, presenting a dynamic public space with multiple layers.
Chris was invited to advise the MVRDV design team upon the integration of sports technical requirements for a range of indoor and outdoor sports whilst maintaining and enhancing the ethos of the initial design concept.
Role:  Sports Technical Design Integration Adviser
Client:  Shenzhen Nanshan Government
Collaboration:  MVRDV & Zhubo Architecture Design
Images © MVRDV 

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