equestrian design

The horse is incredibly valuable: the welfare of the animal is of prime importance at all times, not just because the standards that are demanded by the FEI Code of Conduct and requirements of the sporting discipline, but because the horse is a living being.
This value should be reflected in equine facility designs, both architecturally and operationally, to provide facility buildings and a masterplans commensurate with the significance of the steed.  Equestrian competition facilities need to run on a day-to-day basis in addition to being able to easily host and accommodate the upscale requirements of both National & International competitions. 
chrisjopsonconsulting has an expert team conversant in all equine sport technical rules and veterinary regulations; a team that were party to the design, development and operation of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Greenwich Park Equestrian Venue, widely cited by the FEI as the facility benchmark for equine sport in all respects.
experience:  Endurance Community Village  |  Qatar Olympic Committee Horse Owners Club  |  Confidential Equestrian Competition Facility  |  Greenwich Park Equestrian Venue London 2012

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