The metropolitan area“Paris Terres d’Envol”is situated in the northern suburbs of Paris, in Seine-Saint-Denis. It gathers 8 towns: Dugny, Le Bourget, Drancy, Le Blanc-Mesnil, Aulany- sous-Bois, Sevran, Villepinte and Tremblay.
When Paris welcomes the Olympics in 2024, this territory will host:
- the MPC/IBC;
- the Media Village (4000 beds);
- the volleyball competition, in a temporary structure;
- the badminton competition, in a temporary structure;
the shooting competition.
these 4 venues will be situated close to one another in Dugny/Le Bourget, next to the airport.
SPL Le Bourget Grand Paris appointed chrisjopsonconsulting to conduct a pre-feasibility study for both sites in a very short timescale, identifying where the pavilions could be set up, how much space would be required in both Olympic, Paralympic & Legcy modes, and for the Aulnay hypothesis: which part of the pavilion is kept and how it works during and after the Olympics.
Services:  Olympic & Paralympic technical compliance advisor, venue overlay design, feasibility study
Client:  SPL Le Bourget Grand Paris
Event: Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games ​​​​​​​
Images © Chris Jopson

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