chrisjopsonconsulting collaborated with OMA and Local Architecture, amongst others, on this very low scale, modest sized football stadium for a design competition for La Tulliere Football Club, in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The design sought to embed itself into the landscape, creating a low profile roof structure that, in turn, amplified the spectator experience within the stadium itself.
chrisjopsonconsulting was invited to consult upon the sports technical aspects of the design, advising upon the site arrangement, field of play areas, seating bowl sightlines, spectator circulation areas, spectator service areas and FIFA sports competition requirements, in addition to temporary event requirements for concerts and other festivities.
Role: Football Stadium Design Technical Advisor
Status: Design Competition Entry
Collaboration: Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), Pays-Bas + Localarchitecture, Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG, Weinmann-Energies SA, Paysagiste Paysagestion SA

Images © OMA

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