chrisjopsonconsulting was invited to collaborate with the MGP City Plan team to provide sports masterplanning expertise and sports architecture design guidance, to create a flexible sports, recreation & leisure facility platform that exploits the coastline context of the Sulaibikhat site and its proximity to a strong transport infrastructure network.
The City of Kuwait hosts a broad range of sports, recreation & leisure facilities at a range of scales and typologies to suit both professional & non professional sports persons, teams, locals, expats & families.
The diversity of existing provision will be supplemented via a clear facility development & distribution strategy, which will be integrated into the 2,100 hectare Sulaibikhat masterplan to suit the emerging needs of the local population in activity zones around the bay.
The site presents enormous opportunities for change – not only in the provision and enhancement of sports & recreation facilities, but also in terms of positive environmental & ecological remediation.
Role:  sports masterplanning, venue brief development, venue design, major event overlay integration 
Client:  Confidential
Collaboration:  Confidential 

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